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Female Ejaculation Mastery

Welcome to the Bonus One book of The G-Spot Code.  Now that we have divulged the secret of finding the female G-Spot, we encourage you to explore the excitement of Female Ejaculation held within these pages.

Now, keep in mind that ejaculating via G-Spot stimulation is entirely up to you.  You control the wheel.  If you donít want to do it Ė you donít have to, but why turn down such a sweet opportunity to try something so good?

As you read this bonus section, keep in mind the things youíve learned previously in The G-Spot Code.  You now have an open, educated mind in terms of female anatomy and finding just the right recipe for the ultimate orgasm, either alone or with a partner.


"In the lightening rise of the Kundalini, we will emit divine nectar, which is entirely different in nature from sperm or the arousal fluids of the woman. This deep emission is the juice of ecstasy. It opens the door of the Infinite to the Tantrika, the door of Absolute consciousness, of Being, of the Great Void, which is one of the names of Shiva."   ----- Daniel Odier in Tantric Quest

  1. Opening Section


The purposes of this chapter are to...

  • Understand how female ejaculation occurs.
  • Accept that female ejaculation is good.
  • Learn how to do it and enjoy it immensely if you want to.

Try It, You'll Like It

Remember the punch line from the TV ad some years ago "Try It, You'll Like It?" That's how we feel about female ejaculation.Now maybe you don't believe that it really happens, like many doctors. Well, believe us, it can. Many women are natural ejaculators. Others have taught themselves to be. Maybe you don't think it's normal. Well, actually it's quite common. In one of our recent on-line surveys, two-third of our female visitors reported that they do it. We believe it happens much more often than many women realize.


Scientists estimate that from 10% to 40% of women are conscious of ejaculating when their G-Spot swells with adequate arousal and massage. This means they can tell when they emit sexual fluids distinct from yoni lubrication (Tantric for vagina). Some dribble, some gush, some downright squirt and spray. Mostly this happens during orgasm, but some women do it at other times, too, when really turned-on.

It's Truly Wonderful Stuff, Really

Maybe you're grossed out by the whole idea because you mistakenly think the fluid some women emit when they're really turned on is pee. Well, it's not. Any woman with this false belief would undoubtedly have trouble allowing herself to let go.  Before you're done with this chapter, you'll learn what it really is and why it's so wonderful.

Maybe you're not interested because you don't understand why it's worth the effort. Believe Jeffre when she says it's not just for show. "It's a truly ecstatic experience you don't want to miss out on!" Since the payoff in sexual ecstasy is so fantastic, you definitely want to explore your Goddess-given talent to gush.

Those sexually liberated females who understand the gift of ejaculation relish this feeling of warm release. The same with their enlightened lovers who swoon when showered with such an intimate gift. Somraj, for one, finds supreme delight in being doused by amrita (Tantric for female ejaculate).


Or maybe you fail to see the point because you didn't know you can learn. Believe us, any woman can develop the knack. Before you're done with this chapter, you'll know exactly how to go for it. If you do the practices near the end, we're confident you'll be joyously flowing your feminine waters with the best of Goddesses.

Where To Start

Tantra honors and encourages being spontaneous and consciously acting on your true desires. So previously we've advocated that you read and act on what interests you most in this ebook. If you're as titillated by female ejaculation as we are, you might have come to this chapter directly. We applaud you for going for what you want.


It's only fair to warn you that learning female ejaculation depends on many other things, the things we've written about earlier. Dribbling, squirting, and gushing is a package deal, depending on much of what came before.


You need to understand female anatomy, Sacred Gate massage (Tantric for G-Spot), and orgasmic response. We can't promise, but knowing about Tantric healing, building sacred intimacy, and sexual energy may be essential for you personally. A woman with a well-trained partner who already experiences mind-blowing Sacred Gate Orgasms is already on the verge of gushing big time.

Did you know that the word orgasm comes from the Greek, "to swell with wetness?"


So we encourage you to take the long slow Tantric view. Anything worth doing is worth doing with as much pleasure as possible. Which means read and practice with the previous chapters before attempting to master female ejaculation.

On the other hand, if you're committed to trying it now, go for it with our love and support. If you don't get the hang of it quickly, you can always go back to study the skills earlier in this ebook.

Why Ejaculate?

If you're a woman, why would YOU want to learn to let your waters flow? If your partner is a woman, why would you want HER to learn? We don't think you need a profound answer to these questions. You just need an answer. It's part of waking up to conscious lovemaking.


Whether you just think it's cool, or you want to experience something new, or you imagine that having continuous orgasms would be ecstatic, you're on a great track. It's just another of life's intrinsic flows. If you say "Yes!" to life as Tantric teaches, you'll probably want to say yes to ejaculating.


Anyway, here are a few other good reasons to choose from...

Normal: Gushing during sex is normal and natural so why not join the growing crowd of female ejaculators.

Pleasure: Learning to let your waters flow increases your sensitivity and enhances your pleasure. Besides it's just plain fun.

Potential: All women are born with the sexual anatomy and physical ability to do it. So why not be all you can be?

Liberating: Learning to let go is liberating. When you can surrender to the full sexual power lying dormant deep within, you free untapped reservoirs of life force.

Orgasms: A wet orgasm is often a great orgasm. Why not strive to have bigger, better, stronger ones if you can?

Healing: Learning to ejaculate can help you release negative emotions trapped in your tissues creating sexual blocks and inhibitions.

Rekindling: If you've lost interest in sex, love, and intimacy with your beloved, learning to ejaculate can be a great way to recapture them.

Equality: Men get to make a big wet spot now and then, so why not women? It's empowering to many women to learn to "spill their seed" and be applauded for it like guys for so long.

Do You Want To?

Women, if you're not yet multi-orgasmic or haven't yet ejaculated, not to worry. If you choose to learn, we'll tell you exactly how to do it in the following pages.

If you don't want to ejaculate, we honor that, too. Some women just can't get past their own or their partner's feelings of disgust. There is nothing wrong with saying no to squirting for now. Maybe you'll change your mind in the future. Or maybe you won't.


Either way, love yourself, love your sex, love your orgasms. You don't have to be able to ejaculate to be okay. We don't want to suggest for a moment that you're inadequate if you don't ejaculate or if you can't make your partner gush. Ejaculation is just another item on the great menu of ecstatic sexuality. It's a preference, like same-sex play or anal sex. Go for it if you want to. Leave it alone for now if you don't. There are so many delicious things to choose from in this ebook, go ahead and devour just what you're hungry for now.


This is important for partners of would-be ejaculators as well. Remember, pleasure is the only goal. It's essential that you don't set up any sort of standards by which you measure each other. Pressure to perform is one powerful way to prevent your beloved from letting go and gushing.


We want you to be able to ejaculate if you choose to because it is simply another pleasurable experience, not because it makes you any better, or any sexier. You don't have to let your waters flow to enjoy sex immensely.

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