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Oral Sex For HER (The Right Way)

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The Mystery Of Female Oral Sex!

Pleasuring your partner is an important part of a great sex life. You definitely know that, right? Well, one of the best ways to pleasure her is by giving her a little selfless attention – that means doing something hot to make her feel amazing even when you’re not getting anything back . . . at least not at that moment.

Cunnilingus for a female orgasm!

I’m talking about oral sex or, in this case, cunnilingus.

The good news is that oral sex can be amazingly pleasurable for your partner. The bad news is a lot of guys just don’t know what their doing and that ruins the experience for both of partner. But you’re not going to be one of those guys.

Let’s look at some pointers to improve your oral sex aptitude.

Oral sex is one of those things guys have to pretty much learn how to do on their own. It’s not like driving a car where they can ask their dad for advice and it’s not even like vaginal sex which you learn how to do from watching a couple of X-rated films. You’re pretty much on your own with this one so let’s look at three techniques you can use to become outstanding in the oral sex department.

First, you’ve got to know how to move your tongue. The best analogy to describe this is a cat or a dog drinking water from a bowl. When they’re lapping up that water, their tongue is going in and out of their mouths pretty fast, right? Well, that’s the same type of movement you’re trying to achieve. Short and fast is the way to turn up the heat and rev up her clitoris.

Of course, using just “lapping” techniques won’t necessarily win you a prize in bed; you’ve got to know how to spice things up. After you use the first technique for a little bit, mix it up and try a rotation technique. Instead of moving your tongue in and out, keep it in and moving it a circular motion. This motion works amazingly well with the clitoris (circular motion also does the trick in vaginal intercourse, too) and can sometimes be just what she needs to push her over the top.

Now I know some of these cunnilingus sessions can last a pretty long time and a man’s tongue can get pretty tired (we do appreciate the effort though!), so when you start wearing down, give your tongue a break and try humming instead. That’s right – I said humming. Pick any tune you want and hum away but the trick is to keep your face in position. The vibration from your humming will travel up through her vagina and stimulate her clitoris. Basically, you’re becoming her own special vibrator.

Sometimes, guys, you just can’t do it alone. Now I’m not suggesting you bring in a friend, but I am suggesting you pack along a special surprise in your pocket for her: a sex toy. You can choose almost any type of sex you want, but keep in mind one thing: Where am I going to use it? If you don’t mind sharing your tongue space with a vibrator or dildo – and many guys don’t – then any of those choices are fine. My suggestion though is to invest in a toy designed specifically of anal stimulation. Even though your woman may frown on anal intercourse (especially if she’s had a bad experience), the truth is that stimulation in that region – when done correctly – can be pretty intense and can even lead to G-spot orgasms! Plus, if you’re pleasuring her in one area and your “friend” is pleasuring her in another, then your partner is definitely going to be one happy lady, especially after a few minutes.

And you’re likely to be happy, too. A satisfied woman is very likely to turn right around and repay you for your efforts. Maybe with a little fellatio. After all, what man doesn’t love getting oral sex?

While we’re on the subject of oral sex though, I want to mention safety. I’m not trying to kill the mood but you’ll have a lot more fun if you’re protected than if you end up seriously regretting your actions a few months down the road if you know what I mean. While oral sex won’t cause pregnancy, you and your partner can still transmit diseases that way. It may not be romantic but you need to invest in dental dam which covers your teeth and tongue during the act so you don’t exchange bodily fluids during the act. Trust me, you’ll be thankful you did.

Now go out there and start pleasuring your woman with amazing cunnilingus . . . safely.

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