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How to Have Quiet Sex

There’s nothing like freedom while making sweet love – with time you’ll find out that having sex is much more pleasurable when you don’t give a hoot about who listens to what or how loud the moaning may get.

But like it or not, there are times when it becomes absolutely necessary to stay quiet. Imagine you’re in a hotel room vacationing on some Caribbean island or you decide to do something crazy in the bathroom at a friend’s house or at a party. While most couples never try it out, those who do will agree that having adventurous sex once in a while changes the way a couple feel about their sex lives. The following tips will help you be naughty… without being caught.

how to have quiet sex

#1: Choose your sex play carefully.

Remember you don’t have time for lengthy foreplay or trying new Kama Sutra techniques. All you both want is satisfying sex that brings you to a climax – so you want to stick with tried and tested techniques during the entire time. Keep foreplay brief yet effective.

#2: Don’t expect too much.

When you consider it, the purpose of stealing away from a crowd to have sex is to satisfy that wild urge and enjoying that much needed climax – all within the available time frame. Vigorous passion is usually required to achieve this but it pays never to be too expectant – this isn’t a time to fulfill sexual fantasies unless of course, adventurous sex is a fantasy of yours!

#3: Learn to use distractions.

Turn on the radio or TV to mask any moaning. Be sure to expect plenty of them while making love vigorously. A bathroom is an excellent venue to steal some time for lovemaking – it offers a genuine and convenient escape for taking some time plus it offers lots of distractions: running water, flushing toilets and so on.

#4: Quick is important too.

The urge suddenly erupts within the both of you and you decide to steal away from the crowd to make passionate love and enjoy an orgasm. You need to know that time is critical because you also want to return as if nothing happened. Take too long and you’ll have everyone staring at you suspiciously – it’s a race against time particularly when your presence at such an occasion is crucial.

#5: Never let fear ruin your mood.

This is particularly important for guys. Once you make the move, don’t ever back down because you’re scared people might hear her moans. If the moaning becomes more than what you anticipated, make use of distractions rather than getting yourself distracted. The thought of thinking about what others can or cannot hear will definitely ruin your, uh, ‘alertness’ down there – and you certainly don’t want this. Even if you’re okay with this, trust me, the last thing you want is to abandon a woman in the middle of a session.

So lastly, you’ve taken the step, you’re both alone somewhere, now how do you have quiet sex?

- Cover her mouth with your hand when she starts to moan.
- Kiss her mouth when she starts to moan.
- Hug her tight so she starts to moan against your shirt/body.
- Encourage her to grip you, even bury her nails on your skin, or offer your shoulder to be bitten just to prevent her from screaming out loud.


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Listen To This Tempting Orgasm…

Hi there…

The video you´re about to watch is HORRIBLE (I must admit it)…

Actually, the images are really bad. Plus the edition is honestly one of the worst I´ve ever seen.


That´s why I don´t want you to WATCH the video. I just want you to LISTEN to it.

Because you´re about to listen to my FAVORITE sound.

For me, listening to a woman having an orgasm is like music. Yes, I could spend 2 or 3 hours listening to a woman enjoying an orgasm.

So please, relax, close your eyes and listen to the most exciting sound:

The female orgasm…


(By the way, let your partner listen to it also!)

Important: Make sure no one is around! Otherwise, you will feel embarassed! ;)


Gabrielle Moore

A Woman Enjoying An Orgasm… With A Horse???

Hi everyone! Let´s have some fun today.

Let´s watch a hot woman enjoying an amazing orgasm with a horse.

Yes, I said “with a horse”.

(I´m not that crazy… it´s just a joke, but you´ll have fun!)

Love and kisses!

Gabrielle Moore

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