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Give Her A Sensual Massage

This is a VERY SHORT video… but I still want to share it with you to give you some ideas for tonight. :)

Remember…. there’s NOTHING like a sensual massage before having sex. Enjoy!

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How to Give Her a Genital Massage

If you want to move into the spiritual end of things when in bed with your woman, consider learning how to give her a genital massage.

Common as part of tantric sex activities, genital massage is referred to as “yoni massage”. “Yoni” is the Sanskrit word for vagina or loosely defined, “sacred space”. Genital massage, then, is often called “yoni massage”.

Here’s how to give your partner a yoni massage. You don’t need to perform this perfectly. The idea here is to bring your lover pleasure, and if you are being gentle, loving and giving, you’ll also bring her that desired and deserved pleasure.

How to giver her a genital massage tonight!
Comfort First!

First, make sure that she is comfortable. Place a large pillow behind her head. Ideally, she should be able to see you and make eye contact with you and also see her genitals.

Because the idea here is complete relaxation for her, make sure she’s completely comfortable. Often, there will be a soft blanket or towel placed under the hips. This will give her some comfort, especially if her legs are drawn up a bit. For her to fully enjoy a yoni massage, she must be totally relaxed and comfortable.

It should be a given that she’ll lie on her back with her genitals exposed. She should have her legs far enough apart that you can easily see her genitals and can have easy access to them.

Starting the Sensual Massage

Once she’s fully comfortable, begin massaging her body. Gently and lightly massage her breasts, her stomach, her legs and her feet. Do this gently and with a soft smile. There’s no need to be talking. This is about her relaxation and too much chatter will distract her from fully relaxing.

When you give a genital massage, you are only giving a massage and expecting nothing in return. That means you might not have the favor returned. This is useful in two ways – you are more likely to focus just on her and her pleasure if you know that your own pleasure isn’t at stake, and it allows her to fully relax knowing this is all about her.

Make solid and meaningful conversation with her as you begin and complete the massage. This isn’t chatter, but a ‘give and take conversation’ as she tells you what feels good. This is a way for the two of you to really connect, so take it seriously and enjoy the process.

It’s also important to know, as you begin the massage, that the goal of genital massage isn’t orgasm. Often that will be the end result, but it’s not a requirement.

Some women will simply soak up the attention and the good sensations without ever coming near orgasm; others will orgasm, perhaps more than once. Much depends on your woman’s personal threshold. Genital massage is often used for women who have a hard time reaching orgasm as it allows them to relax and learn to enjoy the sensations.

The Genital Massage

Now that your woman is relaxed, you can move more fully into the genital part of the massage. Here’s how:

Start by putting some lube on her. You can use some high-quality massage oil, or a lube you get from the drug store. The brand doesn’t matter. Don’t use too much; you just want to lightly lubricate the area. Now gently begin massaging her genital lips.

Watch her reactions. As she enjoys something, do it more and ask her to tell you what feels good. Again, avoid chatter for the sake of chatter, but do let her tell you how she’s feeling and what you can do more of.

After you have gently massaged the lips (even occasionally pinching them together, again lightly), you can move onto massaging the clitoris. This area of the woman’s body is extremely sensitive, so sensitive that most experts agree it’s three to four times more sensitive than the most sensitive part of a man’s anatomy, the glans.

Focus some attention here, but again, be gentle. Your objective here is to give her pleasure, but gentle pleasure. You’re not digging in looking for an orgasm. You’re looking to bring relaxation and pleasure.

Now insert one or two fingers in her and find her G spot. You can lightly massage it, flick it with your finger, or move your finger up and down on it. Continue massaging her outer parts as you do this.

Some women will tolerate a pinky finger in their ‘backdoor’. This, combined with the gentle yoni massage, is intensely pleasurable for some women. Again, let her guide you and be sure to respond appropriately to the clues she gives you.

Though, as we’ve said, the primary goal here isn’t orgasm, many women will find their orgasm during the process of genital massage. If yours does, let her enjoy that orgasm and then gently continue massaging her if she wants. Some women will have multiple orgasms this way, so give her time and space.

Once she has either had orgasm, or you both have relaxed and enjoyed the process, remain close to her. Cuddle or hold her if she wants.

And then pat yourself on the back! Giving a woman a genital massage is as much about her pleasure as your desire to give. Your generosity will be remembered and appreciated. Count on it!

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Enjoy A Sensual “Hot Stone” Massage!

I always tell my clients that a hot stone set for a hot stone massage is a great relationship investment! It’s a very relaxing ritual that you can perform on each other; and it also makes for great bonding time.

Anyway, with today’s hectic lifestyles, we all need a good massage every now and then right? But what if we combine a hot stone massage and a sexual massage? Wouldn’t that be a relaxing, yet seductive way to pleasure your partner? Of course it would be!

Hot Stone Sensual Massage!

How to Prepare a Sexual Hot Stone Massage

First off, you need a hot stone set. These stones come in different sizes and are meant to be used on different parts of the body. For instance, small stones can go between the toes while bigger ones can massage the legs. Even bigger one can be used for the back and front torso.

If budget is a concern, then buy a second-hand hot stone massage set. There are plenty online you can have delivered to your doorstep.

Of course, you would also have to prepare the ‘setting’ or massage room. It doesn’t have to be super fancy. One of my subscribers once mentioned that they never indulge in massages because they don’t have a massage table. Oh please! If there’s a will, there’s a way!

You can just drape towels on your bed and let that be the massage bed if you’re concerned about ruining your bed sheets. Some of my clients even prefer the bedroom floor! Just make sure you put a lot of thick, warm blankets on the floor and put tons of pillows!

As for the hot stones themselves, ensure that they are heated just to the right temperature. (Hot stone massage sets should come with a heater.) You wouldn’t want them to be too hot that you can’t hold them or that they scald your partner’s skin.

Of course, massage oil, music and lighting scented candles are a given. Here’s a tip: put the massage oil in the heater as well so that it’s warm too when you use it on your partner’s body.

Also, make sure the temperature in the room is warm as you should also be naked during the massage.

Sexual Hot Stone Massage Techniques

Ask your partner to lie down on her belly. Put a shawl or thin sheet over her back and lay a couple of hot stones on top of it, outlining her whole spine.

Now put some of that warm massage oil on your hands and rub her back legs. Grab two hot stones (one for each of your hands) and start massaging her legs. This will make her feel very warmed and relaxed.

Naughty tip 1: As you massage her back legs, nudge her legs apart bit by bit. Continue to massage her upper thighs, letting your warm and slick fingers brush against the back of her vagina.

Naughty tip 2: With the warm hot stones still in your hands, massage her buttocks. Massage in such a way that her bum cheeks are pulled slightly apart. Once her crack is exposed, lick her with your warm tongue.

Massage her feet and end by placing small hot stones between her toes.

Remove the hot stones outlining her spine and the sheet covering her back. Straddle her legs and massage her back with a new set of warmed hot stones. Massage her while letting your erect penis graze or lightly jab at her ass.

End the body massage with a body caress. Lean forward onto your partner and sensuously slide your body from side to side against her body. Rub your chest against her back and press your erect penis against her ass.

Do some very slight ‘push ups’ too. Simply raise yourself on your toes and arms and then slowly lower your whole body again on top of hers. After this, ask her to turn on her back.

Massage her front legs and feet with a new set of warm hot stones. Move to her upper torso, lavishing it with a generous amount of warm massage oil. Massage using a new set of warm hot stones.

Naughty tip 3: This is called ‘hot and cold’. Take a sip of VERY cold water or put a small ice chip in your mouth. Using your hands and the hot stones you’re holding, enclose one of her breasts, making sure her nipples are facing you. Lick or gently suck on her nipple.
The warmth of the hot stones on the sides of her breast combined with the coldness she feels on her nipples will both shock, please and maker her horny! Now the same on the other breast.

End the sexual massage by doing the ‘body caress’ again. This time will be even more exciting because you’re facing her!


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