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6 Sinful Shower Games!

When was the last time you shared a long, luxurious bath or some quickie shower sex with your lover? Remember how excited, naughty and hot you guys felt? Well, bring that back on with these new and exciting tips for bath and shower games.

Making love in the bathroom brings a different dimension to sex. Your senses seem to be more alive. All of a sudden, you feel the burst of water from the shower head stronger, the scent of the soap or bath gel seems more potent, the body sponge seems to be coarser on your silky body… whew! aren’t these enough reasons to engage in sex games in the shower?!?

Shower Sex Games!

Bath and Shower Sex Games 101

Bath and shower sex games depend a bit on what you have in your bathroom. For example, a big bathtub can allow for sex games (and sex positions) lying down, while a bubbling Jacuzzi can mean sex games involving, well, pulsating jets of water on certain body parts. But don’t worry, if you don’t have access to these, shower stalls bring on their own range of sex games!

First of all, enhance the mood inside the bathroom with a few simple elements. Light some candles, burn a bit of scented oil, you can even a portable CD-player and play some sensual music. Do what it takes to crate the perfect sexual environment.

Now on to our bath and shower sex games.

The Shower Sex Slave

In this game, you take the role of a slave, and your only purpose is to wash and clean the other. Start by undressing the ‘master’ and combing her hair to remove tangles. Next, work up a lather and start to gently scrub and wash her body. Of course, you need to clean EVERY crevice of her body. A good slave never misses a spot. Now, shampoo her hair and by this we mean not only the hair on top of her head.

As you bathe your ‘master’, feel free to tease every inch of her body. Remember, in this sex game, her whole body is fair game so feel free to touch, poke, caress, and others.

At this stage, it’s up to you guys where you want to go. You can proceed with lovemaking or change roles and you get to be ‘master’ now.

The Shower Cowgirl / Cowboy

This sex game involves the use of shower pistols. Feel free to aim and shoot at each and every erogenous zone on your partner’s body.

The White T-Shirt Contest

Okay, this sex game is more for your benefit. Ask your partner to shower with a flimsy white t-shirt on and just watch her as she gets wet under the shower. As her nipples get rock-hard under the shower head, start to play with yourself. Seeing you play with yourself should make her do the same with her body. When you guys can’t take it anymore, come together in what can only be described as wet and wild sex!

The Voyeur

There’s always a hint of the Peeping Tom in all of us. Bring this to the next level by engaging in foreplay in front of the bathroom mirror. Clear the bathroom counter and sit her on it. Start foreplay; all the while taking sneak peaks at each other on the mirror.


This one needs a bathtub where you guys can lie down or sit up. Make a perfect bath with lots of bubbles/suds. The point is to tease your partner with your manhood. As your erection gets bigger, it should ‘break the surface’ of the bubbles and thus be accessible to your partner. How she accesses it is up to her. She can use her mouth, hands, toes. When it’s your turn, the object of your attention is her erect and perky nipples.

Wheel of Steamy, Sex Fortune

The object of this game is to spin the wheel and do whatever sex activity or position the wheel indicates. Actually, you can purchase something like this from sex shops, which even come with suction cups so you can attach it on the bathroom wall or shower stall glass. You can also just make your own.

If you make your own, try to make one with two wheels. One that indicates time period (60 seconds, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, etc.) and one that holds a picture of the sex activity (e.g., French kissing, licking, deep throating, etc.) or sex position (man on top, woman on top, doggy style, etc.). Wherever the wheel stops, you guys must do whatever the image indicates for the time period the second wheel says.

Have fun!

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