An Ode to the Sixty-Nine Position – An Explosive Pre-Penetration Act!

The sixty nine is unquestionably one of the most celebrated of all foreplay positions. In fact, the position is so popular that it requires no introduction. But for those very few of you who might be wondering what the sixty nine is, here is a description.

The sixty nine, mostly denoted by the numbers 69 instead of the words, is a position where two people lie in such a way that their mouths are at the level of the genitals of the other person. The position is a part of foreplay where each partner stimulates the genitals of the other partner with their mouths. You will find references of 69 strewn all over the Internet. If you happen to visit an adult site that has picture or video galleries, you will find that the sixty nine is always a completely dedicated category!

Such is the popularity of this humble position simply known as the ‘69’. If you see a couple performing the sixty nine, you will find that they are both completely relaxed. There are no wild movements necessary, there are no thrusts required – just a very casual stimulation of each other's genitals. When the female is being stimulated, it is her clitoris that gets the maximum attention and when the male is being stimulated, it is his penis and testicles. The power of the sixty nine in arousing both men and women is incomparable.

However, did you know that there are many variations in which the sixty nine can be performed? Couples improvise techniques as they use this position more and more. Here are some variations that are the most common.

One: The male partner lies on his back, with his legs slightly apart. The woman assumes the doggie position, facing downward in relation to the man and moves to his manhood. In this position, the vagina of the woman comes at the mouth level of the man. The man then stimulates her vagina (cunnilingus) and the woman stimulates his penis (fellatio). Both happen simultaneously.

Note – It is definitely possible that the woman lies on her back and the man enters in a doggie stance. But mostly couples prefer the "woman on top" situation here because it gives more thrust to the man's penis and the woman can control how much of his manhood she wants to take into her mouth.

Two: This second sixty-nine position is more popular because it allows both partners to really relax. Here both partners lie sideways, facing each other and turned in a way that their heads are at the level of each other's groins. One of the partners may rest his or her head on the other partner's thigh. The actual stimulation is similar as above, simultaneously. This is a good position to adopt if you are both tired after a hard day's work and do not want to indulge in penetrative sex.

Three: You will find this third position quite commonly on online adult sites and there is no reason why you should not try it out yourself. This is an upright position where the man stands and holds the woman upside down. The woman supports her weight by placing her thighs on his shoulders. This allows the genitals of both partners to come at the level of each other's mouths. The stimulation is done in tandem with each other. The man may rock the woman or thrust his groin into her mouth for heightened pleasure.

Of course, this position requires a lot of dexterity. But it is good once in a while provided both of you are fit enough to indulge in this.

The greatest thrill of a good sixty nine is that it prepares both partners for a frenzied act of penetration. Most partners consider 69 as a preparatory act included in the foreplay. However, there are several people who have mastered the art of 69 and consider it as a complete sexual act in itself.

For instance, make it your aim to bring her to her climax in the 69 position instead of just using it to get her wet. Often, when women are nearing a climax, they tend to pull away from the 69 position, automatically assuming t5hat penetrative sex should follow.

When your partner tries to do this, try to ‘lock her’ in the 69 position by embracing her lower body and holding her in place; now, increase the pressure of your tongue on her sweet nub and wait for her to explode!


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