Her Erogenous Thighs

A woman’s thighs, especially her inner thighs, are often neglected because it’s so close to her womanhood that most men simply go for the ‘target destination’ (her womanhood), rather than enjoy the journey of getting there. However, you must bear in mind that keeping things in suspense makes for a hotter, wilder coming together so do read on!

Erogenous Zone Tips for Her Inner Thighs

You often hear women say that most men don’t take their time while making love. Yes, everything is over and done with in 10 minutes, leading to sexual frustration in many women. Well, tonight, don’t be such a lover. Tonight, take your own sweet time and lavish attention on her inner thighs. I guarantee that by the time you do decide to take a ‘dip’ into her sweet spot, you’ll fine it hot, wet and quivering in anticipation for you.

After much foreplay, go down on her but this time take your time! Pay attention to her breasts, making sure each nipple gets your attention. Go down her body, pausing and making love to her belly and belly button. Now, go lower and softly blow and tangle your breath against her ‘forest’. Spread her legs as you do this, making her feel vulnerable and exposed. And just when she thought you were going for her sweet spot… bypass it and go for her inner thighs!

Face one of her inner thighs and gently massage it. Now some women may actually draw away from you as you do this. Why? They think that YOU think their thighs are huge. (Remember, most women have body issues!) As such, when you do this, be sure to say sweet nothings like “I love your milky white thighs babe!” Anything to re-assure her.

Now, moving on… after massaging her inner thigh, plant kisses up and down it. Start kissing just at the side of her knee all the way up the top of her inner thigh. However, DO NOT kiss her sweet spot yet. Keep the sexual tension high! Now, plant kisses going down her inner thigh.

Once you reach the side of her knee, start licking up her inner thigh! Again, avoid her womanhood for now and start licking down her thigh again.

Once you reach the side of her knee, start nibbling her inner thigh, going up again. And yes, avoid the sacred spot and nibble your way down again. Practice self-control my friend. Keep in mind that she’ll be so delirious with pleasure that your coming together later will be the wildest ever!

At this point you may want to engage in sexual nibbling or biting. Since the thighs – men’s and women’s – are fleshy, these are the perfect spots to leave some love marks! A few ideas below:

The Hidden Bite
This sensual bite is a bite on areas that are not shown (because of the possible redness afterwards) and the thighs are perfect areas for this!

The Swollen Bite
As the name suggests, this bite is one where “the skin is pressed down on both sides”, according to the Kama Sutra. As such, this is more of a sucking type of sensual bite.

The Point
Amongst playful couples, this bite is called the “Bugs Bunny”. It’s described as “when a portion of the skin is bitten with two teeth only”.

The Coral and the Jewel
This type of biting involves your lips and teeth. The Kama Sutra describes this as “the biting which is done by bringing together the teeth and the lips. The lips are the coral and the teeth, the jewels.”

The Biting of the Boar
I’ve saved this one for last as this is a more intense type of bite. The bite is meant to be made on fleshy parts of the body (inner thighs!) and is meant to leave a mark for all to see. The Kama Sutra describes this bite as “many broad rows of marks near to one another, and with red intervals”. This type of sensual bite is often made to indicate intense passion.

Of course, before you apply any type of sensual biting on her inner thigh, be sure that she’s ok with this. For instance, you can start with a slight Hidden Bite and say “honey, this may leave a mark is that ok?” and then proceed based on what she says.

After all that biting, stroking, caressing, kissing and licking… she’ll be dying for you to ‘go for the gold’ now… so what are you waiting for?


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