FOUR Powerful Positions You MUST Try

Memorable sex can earn you a great reputation from your partner. The bedroom tango need not be monotonous, so spice things up every now and then. Yes, the missionary position is completely acceptable, but if your partner is so bored that she simply counts how many thrusts it takes for you to come, it’s time to spice up the bedroom life!

You can find ways to twist traditional positions. For example, you can try “missionary gone hedonistic,” where you fasten your tie around your woman’s hands and dominate her. Who knew the missionary position could be so sinful?

While you’re probably just glad to be engaging in the act itself, introducing new positions in the bedroom makes the experience much more thrilling. That thrill is likely to lead to powerful orgasms for both you and your partner.

Below are four powerful positions to get you started into the world of variety and sensuality.

The Spoon… Remixed
Yes, I made up the name. It has been called different things, but once you do it, you can call it whatever you want. This position is most likely to occur in the middle of the night or just prior to bedtime. This is basically a romantic spooning position and doggie-style in one. It’s a favorite for women because it’s intimate while freaky!

You start with the traditional spooning position with you lying behind her, your chest to her back. Lift her top leg so that you can enter her. After you have located your comfort spot drape her leg on top of your leg. This position will allow you to penetrate her deeply from behind, while touching her breasts and clitoris. You may then lead the way, allow her to set the rhythm, or take turns in deciding the tempo.

As long as we are talking about utensils, this next position has been labeled the spork. It’s like the spoon, but she is lying on her back. Start as if you are going to perform the missionary position. While she is on her back, lay to one side of her instead of the middle of her legs. Raise one of her legs while penetrating her. For a better grip and deeper access, hold onto her shoulders or torso. This is a nice alternative to the traditional missionary position and a great angle for you to not strain yourself or get tired. Less fatigue equals more enjoyment, and that is the name of this game!

69… With a Twist
The 69 position is very enjoyable to both partners as you are both getting pleased orally. This can occur with either of you on top. The twist comes when the traditional position involves the two of you lying side to side. It may take a bit of balance between both of you but you can get a better grip by holding her butt or back. The benefit of this position is not only the oral stimulation, but you have the opportunity to use other toys on her like a vibrator. Sensation is splendid, but dual sensations are mind blowing.

Man on Top Facing Away
This has also been called ‘The Hitch’. It’s a mix of traditional missionary and reverse cowgirl. In this instance, you are the cowboy. While she is lying on her back with her legs raised, get on top of her with you facing her feet. You will basically be on all fours with your bottom facing her. She can adjust the height of her legs while you find her entry point. This is great for her as the squeeze of her thighs and vagina are likely to cause friction from your penis, making her likely to orgasm. If your rear is a sensitive, hands-off spot, this may not be the sexual position for you. On the other hand, if you like a mild case of anal stimulation, she has ready access (and a great view to boot!).

Remember, variety is the spice of life! While tried and true positions may bring you guys to guaranteed orgasms, the quality of your climaxes may become dull over time. So make sure to incorporate new positions to take your love life on a wild, unexpected ride. Consider these, and many other creative positions, and your woman will thank you again and again, in ways that you are certain to enjoy!


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