Aqua Kama Sutra: Lesson 1

So, what do you think are the best positions to adopt while having bathroom sex? It can be tricky you know: the floor is wet and slippery; it’s steaming hot in there; there are so many small things you can accidentally step on; plenty of corners you can bump into. Wow, looking at that list, you may think I don’t want you to engage in bathroom sex at all… NOT!

On the contrary, I always tell my clients to engage in bathroom sex. And if they adopt any of the positions below… all the better!

Great Sex Positions for Bathroom Sex

On the contrary, I always tell my clients to engage in bathroom sex. And if they adopt any of the positions below… all the better!

The Fish Hook
This is a great position to adopt for foreplay, intercourse, or both! After some heavy foreplay, ask your partner to lie down the bathroom floor. (Be sure to have a nice, big, thick bathroom rug underneath her.) Now, lift one of her legs and place it on the edge of the bathtub. If you don’t have one, the toilet seat will do.

No, with her legs at such an angle, you have great access to her sweet spot! Simply indulge in a long and drawn out cunnilingus session until she comes or have intercourse this way.

Of course, you can reverse roles too, with you lying down on the floor and she performing fellatio on you till you come.

The Wet Scissors
Since we’re on the floor and all, why not apply the scissors position? In this position, each of you should lie down on the bathroom floor opposite each other. Lie on your side, using your elbow and arm to hold you in this position.

Now, ask her to adjust her legs so that her bottom leg is between your legs. Now slowly penetrate her.

Why is this position great for bathroom sex? Well for one, the floor area may be bigger than in your bedroom, making this position possible without someone having to hang off in space. Secondly, there are lots of areas one can grab on too for support. And thirdly, it’s just darn sexy to do so!

Standing in the Rain
For this position, it’s best if you have one of those ‘rain shower’ types of shower heads because the wider the area of ‘rain’ falling, the better! Have the water running at just the right temperature. Too cold and you’ll get goose bumps for the wrong reason; have it to hot and you’ll feel dizzy from the steam!

Ask her to face the wall and to brace herself against it using her arms. Now, reach down and spread her legs a bit. Reach between her legs and play with her down there as you kiss and caress her nape. Now, whatever it is you do with your tongue (on her nape), mimic this movement on her womanhood using ONE finger.

So for instance, licking her up and down her nape? Draw a lazy finger up and down her snatch. Drawing small circles at the back of her neck? Draw small circles around her clitoris. Dashing your tongue in and out of your mouth on the center of her nape? Then be sure your finger does that too down there! After this intense foreplay, feel free to replace your finger ANYTIME with your manhood!

Here’s another tip: as you enter her from behind, reach in front of her and stimulate her super wet clitoris too or fondle her breasts. (I’m sure she’ll prefer the former though!)

Why is this position great for bathroom sex? First of all, having her turned around heightens the sexual tension because she doesn’t know what you’re going to do next. Secondly, the warm water falling over you both like rain gives this position a really sexy quality! Thirdly, penetrating her this way while having her brace herself against the wall gives good contrasting pressure. In short, you can both thrust and push against each other better.

A variation of this sex position is to have her bend over as you enter her. However, instead of having the shower head overhead, you can position it on the floor so that the water sprays her either her breasts or her womanhood!

So who says bathroom sex is difficult and dull? Obviously, they have not had these hot sex tips like you!


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