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"Did you know that 71% of women
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That is correct. According to the Kinsey Institute, only "29% of women always have orgasms with their partner".

What about the rest?

You are right. They are deeply frustrated.

Some of them fake orgasms. Some "satisfy themselves". Some just cheat on their partners.

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I have published hundreds of articles and books about human sexuality and more than 400,000 subscribers follow my sex tips and advice every day.

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The 4 stages of female sexual arousal (once you understand them, it will be easier for you to make her orgasm);

The 5 "body signs" of female sexual excitement (Trust me, just because her vagina is lubricated, doesn't mean that she's ready for sex. There's more to it... as you're about to learn!);

How to build up her "sexual tension" (remember, the longer you hold off from sex the more the sexual tension will build in your body. And the more tension that's released during your orgasm, the stronger your orgasm will be;

Why size doesn't matter (actually sometimes "less is more", as you will discover);

4 techniques to add "anal stimulation" to the mix, so that it's easier for her to achieve an orgasm. (Because her anus contains a large number of nerve endings, this added and probably unexpected stimulation will send shivers up her spine!);

4 naughty oral sex techniques you can enjoy tonight (Remember, oral sex is one of the easiest ways to make a woman orgasm!);

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